Friday, April 28, 2017

Measure System Capacity and Efficiency

System tune-up time is here. Imagine if you could give your customers a report that shows the system capacity and efficiency before and after your system tune-up! There is a tool that can do that, the iManifold. It not only can measure system characteristics such as pressure, temperature, superheat, and subcooling; it can use the measurements to determine BTUs/hr capacity and system EER. To be sure, you need a few other measurements; namely, dry bulb and wet bulb in and out of the evaporator as well as system operating voltage and current. The iManifold with the correct accessories can measure the characteristics necessary to do system capacity and efficiency calculations and perform the calculations. It can also produce reports showing the details, including system capacity and efficiency. The report can be printed or e-mailed to the customer. The only “report” most customers get now after a traditional system tune-up is a bill. The iManifold and iConnect are the only tools I know of that can do this.

What accessories do you need? You also need two wireless temperature/humidity probes made to work with the iManifold and an electric meter that can communicate with the iManifold. The iManifold and the necessary accessories required to measure system capacity and efficiency are definitely more expensive than many other digital gauges. However, the iManifold does things other digital gauges cannot do.

To learn more about the iManifold chaeck out their web site

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