Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Daikin VRV Pro Tour


I took part in the Daikin VRV Pro Tour in Houston this past week. This was the first VRV Pro tour aimed specifically for HVAC Educators. The idea is pretty straight forward. There are way too few techs who understand variable refrigerant flow systems, and Daikin is trying to recruit some help from those of us whose job is teaching HVAC. The tour included a mix of class time and tours of the Daikin facilities in Houston. Daikin is making a very large investment in manufacturing and training facilities here in the US. They are serious about expanding the VRV/VRF footprint in the US. 

What is VRV/VRF? VRV stands for Variable Refrigerant Volume – and is a Daikin trademark name. VRF is variable refrigerant flow – the same idea without the trademark. The idea is to modulate refrigerant flow based on system load, and to achieve system zoning using refrigerant instead of air. Instead of ducting air throughout a building, you are piping refrigerant throughout the building. Indoor units are placed in the zones they are conditioning. Refrigerant is sent to the indoor units based on the needs of that unit. So in effect, you are zoning using refrigerant instead of air or water. 

The compressors are controlled by inverter drives, the metering devices are electronically controlled expansion valves, and the controls are communicating digital controls. Now imagine how difficult it is to find people who are properly trained to work on these, and you understand Daikin's quandary. They HAVE to ramp up their educational effort if they are to have any hope of expanding their market here. 

So did I enjoy the tour? Absolutely!
Should you go if you have an opportunity? Absolutely!
Did a two day class and tour teach me all I need to know to install and service VRV systems? Well...

If you want to learn more about Daikin products, go to and click on "Library" in the middle towards the bottom. That takes you to a page that allows you to download installation and application manuals for all their products.

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  1. Great article Carter, I very much enjoyed meeting you at the Daikin Tour.