Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pot Use Cuts Career Short

There is lot of press these days about marijuana becoming more widely accepted. However, you should be aware that marijuana use can have a very negative impact on your career. Employers can legally refuse to hire people who test positive for marijuana use. Many employers require drug tests for prospective employees, some use random drug tests on current employees. Since these tests can detect marijuana in your system for up to a month after using it, you basically need to not use it – even on your own time. I am writing about this topic because it has recently cut short the career of a promising student. He graduated and got a job in the field working with a good company. He was excited to get the job, and the company was happy to have him. He seemed to be working out – everyone was happy. Then he failed the drug test. End of job. The student really needed the job. The company was disappointed because they needed the help. However, they can’t afford to keep him. Their insurance won’t allow it. This is not just about someone’s idea of morals or right and wrong, it is about common sense. People who are not in full command of all their mental faculties should not be working around high voltages, driving, using torches, or any number of other potentially dangerous things air conditioning techs must do. There may be some companies that are OK with drug use – generally speaking these are not good places to work. First, they know you can’t get a job elsewhere, so the pay is low. Second, do you really want to work in a potentially dangerous field around a bunch of people who may not be fully conscious? Even if you don’t blow yourself up while you are high, the guy next to you might. If you want a full, productive career – stay clean.

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  1. Carter, you are correct about the use of drugs and drug testing. I would like to add that even though alcohol is legal good companies will not allow the drinking of any alcohol during the work day. Just one beer leaves a smell on your breath and the customer will think you are drunk if you have an accident or do not complete the job correctly. When I ran a contracting company technicians were informed that there job was on the line if they had as much as one beer during lunch or the job.