Monday, February 9, 2015

Shurtape Supports Education

ShurTape has launched an initiative to follow three students at Athens Technical College through their studies in the Air Conditioning Technology Program. To support the students, Shurtape is challenging each of them to a series of missions. They complete the mission and report their findings on the ShurTape blog. The students are paid $500 for each completed mission, up to $5000 for the year.  A mission can be to interview the owner of an HVACR company  about HVACR careers, or discuss job safety with a tech in the field. They have chosen three students with different backgrounds and ages, who are at different points in the program. By following the three students blog postings, you can vicariously experience a little of life as an Air Conditioning Technology student and see how they progress in their career quest. I am quite pleased to be working with ShureTape in helping promote our industry. I really appreciate their support – I know Josue, Daniel, and Thomas do. To read more anut the program and the students taking part, go to

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