Monday, March 17, 2014

Sure Thing in VEGAS!

The upcoming 2014 Educators & Trainers Conference & Expo in Las Vegas is a SURE THING! You can’t lose! You won’t find this many different training sessions anywhere else, especially not for this price. The conference is from March 31 – April 2. There are over 40 sessions with top name speakers from all over the country. A big plus to a national training conference comes from networking with other instructors from all around the country. With several hundred instructors at the conference, you will most likely learn something from fellow attendees during discussions in the hall or lunch. Sharing ideas and offering support and encouragement are vital to the long term health of our industry. If you live within driving distance, this conference is definitely a no-brainer.

I know that times are tough and getting funding and permission to go is difficult. When presenting the idea to your school administrators be sure to forward a copy of the program for the conference. Be sure to note the large number of educational sessions. There are literally more sessions than you will have time to attend. There may also be topics of interest to school administrators – such as Getting Started in Hybrid Instruction, or Program Accreditation. There are also opportunities to get free equipment. At one of these conferences a few years ago I learned about the Appion program to donate recovery machines and vacuum pumps to schools. That alone would cover the cost of your trip. If all those arguments don’t work, just tell them that I will be speaking. I am sure that will seal the deal. I hope to see you all there!
You can read the details here

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