Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hilmor Scholarship Winners

Those of us who have been involved the HVACR industry sometimes wonder where the bright, energetic, new techs are going to come from. The need for more trained technicians is critical to the industry’s continued success. Recently, Hilmor showed us that the technicians can be found if we offer the right incentives and look hard enough. Hilmor, a brand new HVACR tool company offered three national scholarships in their first year of business and received over 500 applicants nationwide. Clearly there is some untapped talent out there. They chose three winners from among the 500+ entries: David Hall, Francisco Iniquez, and Kenneth Chavez. You can view their stories online at Hilmor’s web  page HERE

Watching these three young men describe why they wanted to study air conditioning it hit me: they are out there – we just have to find them. Their stories are similar to thousands of other young people who want to improve their life and are willing to work hard in order to do it. We need to show them that our trade offers that opportunity. I am proud to say that David studies at my school, and he has a bright future ahead of him. I know him personally, and I know he is exactly what this industry needs. I am sure Francisco and Kenny will do the industry proud as well. Take a look at the videos and think about the thousands of other people who could tell similar stories – then go out and find them.  They are out there.

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