Saturday, November 16, 2013

Electricity for HVACR

Pearson has released a new Electricity book by Joe Moravek titled "Electricity for HVACR." It shares the same overall structure as my book - lots of pictures and drawings with easy to follow text. It has short units and easy to follow organization. I have not read it end to end yet, but I have looked through several chapters - especially the ones on motors. I am impressed with what I have seen. If you are looking for a text to cover the electrical aspects of HVACR, you might take a look at this new book. You can  learn more about it at the Pearson web site CLICK HERE


  1. how different is HVACR than HVAC? I've got a company that does hvac in Edmonton but I don't know if they do HVACR. could you expound on that? Thanks!

  2. Hello Carter, It will be great if you can explain about HVAC and HVACR electric motors in the upcoming posts. Looking forward for it...