Sunday, October 6, 2013

2013 RSES Annual Conference and Technology Exo

Are you planning to attend the 2013 RSES Annual Conference and Technology Exo
It takes place October 23 – 26, 2013 at the Sheraton Station Square Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Refrigeration Service Engineer’s Society is dedicated to advancing the knowledge and skills of the HVACR professional.  And professional is definitely the correct word to describe the people you will meet there. The conference is a wonderful opportunity to network with industry professionals. You will also meet many instructors and trainers. After all, RSES is all about advancing skills and knowledge, which is what teachers do. There are more educational sessions than you can attend – so you have choices of which ones to see. Here is a link to the educational sessions. 

When you go, be sure to see David Skaves, my writing partner and co-author of “Fundamentals of HVACR” published by Pearson. He will be discussing how the emphasis on STEM education can benefit the HVACR industry. In case you are not familiar with the acronym STEM, it stands for Science Technology Engineering and Math. HVACR fits in quite nicely. (No, David will not be giving a two hour lecture on valve stems). 

There is also a great Technology Expo where companies display their latest and greatest and you have an opportunity to see all their great products. It is really fun to go to, wander around and talk with people. Of course, David will be there at the Pearson booth. Stop by the booth and say hello. David is a great guy with a wealth of interesting experiences. Truthfully, that is typical of the people there: professionals with a wealth of experience in the HVACR industry. 

Want to find out exactly how much you know about HVACR? You can take a whole range of professional exams at the RSES conference. I believe the  RSES CM and CMS exams are the most difficult professional exams I have ever taken - they will challenge you. They are very reasonably priced - so you can afford to take several if you like. 

Do yourself a favor – take in the 2013 RSES Annual Conference and Technology Exo and see what RSES has to offer. You belong. 

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