Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Eco-Friendly Cooling

The folks at Greenheat in Australia wrote to remind me that there are ways to keep cool without using so many kilowatts. What follows is a short article from them on keeping cool the Green way.

Eco friendly ways to cool your home

Maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home during fierce summer heat using eco friendly methods is often viewed as a faintly impossible ask. Many people are still labouring under the false impression that the only way to get proper relief from the heat is by installing a gargantuan, decidedly non eco friendly air conditioning unit. Sorry, environment. We’re too hot to bother with you.

Good news, lovers of cool temperatures and the earth. You can have it both ways. By implementing some of the measures suggested below, you’ll be minimising your impact on the environment without compromising your own comfort during the warmer months. To learn more about eco friendly ways to cool your home, visit Greenheat.

Let’s look at some eco friendly ways to cool your home:
  • Keep the heat out! Seems obvious, but by properly insulating your home, ensuring your windows and doors are properly sealed, drawing the blinds at sunrise, and cutting down on your use of household appliances like washing machines, ovens, and stove tops, you’ll significantly reduce the amount of heat within your home.
  • Become an Ivy Leaguer- covering your external walls with greenery is an effective and beautiful way to insulate your home from the punishing effects of hot weather. You’d be surprised at just how effective a measure this can be. Green walls can cut the surface temperature of walls by as much as 10 degrees Celsius.  Additionally, they help to filter air pollution.
  • External shades and blinds- external blinds and shades are more effective than internal shades and blinds, simply by virtue of the fact that they block the solar energy before it hits your window.
  • Split system air conditioning- inverter split system air conditioning units fluctuate according to the air conditioning requirements throughout the day. This makes them an energy efficient air conditioning option, minimising energy consumption by as much as sixty six percent.

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