Saturday, April 28, 2012


I heard the other day that some friends of mine have a problem – they have too much money and not enough people interested in taking it off their hands. AHRI has established the REES scholarship program to encourage people to go into the HVACR field. The scholarship is named after Ted Rees, a longtime president of ARI. Money has been donated by many AHRI member companies as well as other businesses in the HVACR trades. Why? Specifically to address a critical shortage of trained technicians the HVACR field. They need applicants for the scholarships. So lets see – they will pay you to study a field with a chronic lack of trained people so you can earn a good income when you graduate. In a time when jobs are hard to get, and college costs are high, here is an industry willing to pony up cash as an incentive to train for a profession with a true career ladder, good paying jobs, and very good employment prospects upon graduation. These jobs cannot be outsourced, they will not be replaced by automation, and they require education and training to perform – you won’t be replaced by unskilled laborers. HVACR jobs are nationwide – really world-wide, so you are not tied to a particular company or location. There are many types of positions, so advancement is common. To find out more about what you can do to apply for a REES Scholarship, check out

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  1. Keep yourself in check one of the most common mistakes is to let HVAC training slip through the cracks. Offering training as a benefit ensures that the program is already built in.

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