Sunday, January 29, 2012

Exploding Refrigeration Containers

Prices for HCFC 22 are finally rising to the levels that were expected this past summer. With the rise in refrigerant price will come increased interest in replacement refrigerants. For your safety as well as your customers safety, make sure you know where your refrigerant comes from. Avoid bargains from people you don’t know. This is not just about obeying the law, it is also about safety. Several container refrigeration systems have exploded after being charged with counterfeit R-134A. Container refrigeration is more difficult to patrol because the containers travel all over the world. Three articles discussing the accidents involving the mystery replacement refrigerant can found World Cargo News, ACHR News, Huffington Post.

Although flammable refrigerant s can be used safely, systems using flammable refrigerant use components designed for that use. Systems designed for flammable refrigerant also have limits on the amount of charge in the system and carry warnings regarding the flammability of their refrigerant. To stay safe, only use SNAP approved replacement refrigerants and only purchase refrigerant through the normal supply chain.

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  1. Good article, Carter!

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