Saturday, July 17, 2010

Do You YouTube?

Electronic social networking has made it possible for people to enjoy global communication with millions of people who share common interests. HVAC/R is no exception. Take a look around the web and you can quickly find many discussion forums, web sites, and media aimed at HVAC/R technicians. You have to exercise some discipline when perusing web materials because it is easy to while away hours of time reading and viewing content on subjects that you are interested in. YouTube is especially addicting because they have figured out how to keep feeding you video clips that are related to what you are watching. If you start looking at clips of compressors, more and more compressor clips will keep coming up in the side bar for you to view. However, my discussion is not how to avoid internet addition, but how to employ internet addiction for teaching purposes. The easiest way is simply to give your students unfettered access to the web, point them to a list YouTube clips, and stand back. This approach does come with some amount of risk because everything is on YouTube. The very openness of the format which encourages sharing and communication also aids in the transmission of inaccurate or even offensive ideas. There are oscillating parts on YouTube videos that are not attached to compressors! For this reason, many schools filter or restrict online material so severely that it is not really possible to use YouTube live. Many schools block sites like YouTube entirely. If that is the case, you can still view and download the videos at home and then take them to school. This gives you control over what is seen and allows your students access to the material. Although YouTube does not provide point and click ability to download their files, many people provide sites or programs to do it. I use a free program called YouTube Downloader. It is available on CNET, a trustworthy site for downloadable computer files. I then download the files onto a jump drive to take to school.

There are literally hundreds of video clips on YouTube that are helpful in HVAC/R, but my favorites are clips that show things you can’t see elsewhere. A gentleman in Australia has several clips of compressors he has cut open. Many of them operate. Seeing the movable scroll on a scroll compressor orbit as the compressor is energized is way cool! I must admit that seeing him cutting open compressors with a grinder, sparks flying appeals to the kid in me! Before you run out and start sawing up compressors, why not take a look at what he has already done. To help you get started on your internet addiction, I have included a short list of YouTube compressor videos to whet your appetite. The titles are hyperlinked, just click on the title to go to the video.

Open Scroll 3

Off with its head

Daikin Relucance DC Swing Compressor

30 HP Carlyle Semi

Kirby Reciprocating Compressor

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