Friday, January 30, 2015

Celebrating A Legacy

Dad turned 89 today. In celebration, my sister hosted a party at Stanfield Air Systems so the many folks who have come to know Dad over the years could celebrate with him. Friends from all walks turned out. The room was crowded with people regaling each other with stories about their life and work with Dad.  Family, neighbors, employees, customers, and competitors all turned out to celebrate and wish him continued good fortune. Dad started Stanfield Air Systems in 1968. The company he started grew in reputation as the place to go, especially if what you wanted to do was a bit off the beaten path. Dad was among the first in our area to tackle high velocity systems, solar heating, and ground source heat pumps. Along the way he also installed Arkla-Servel gas fired air conditioners and Amana EG mini-boiler systems. How did he know about all these technologies? He read and studied. Studying your field was just part of your job. And if I am completely honest here, I think he really enjoyed doing different things. If you work hard at your craft and treat people fairly you collect a lot of friends. Today showed there are many folks in Athens who are very glad Lynn Stanfield moved here and started Stanfield Air Systems in 1968. Happy birthday Dad!

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