Monday, November 17, 2014

Turbo 200 Capacitors

NOTE: - This is a re-posting - I got Mona's e-mail wrong on the first one.
Have you ever had to replace a dual capacitor only to find you do not have the right one on the truck? There are so many different possible combinations it is nearly impossible to have every one you might need. Amrad Engineering makes capacitors here in the USA. They make replacement capacitors which have a wide range of capacitors built into a single part called the Turbo 200. With these, it is possible to replace most any dual capacitor you need. These capacitors are great for teaching students about series and parallel capacitors. Basically, the Turbo 200 is 6 capacitors connected together at the center post. Any two outside connections are essentially in series. Measuring the microfarad between any two outside terminals shows the effect of capacitors wired in series. Jumping any two outside terminals puts those two capacitors in parallel. Placing a jumper between any two outside terminals and measuring the microfarads between either outside terminal and the center terminal shows how capacitors connected in parallel work.  Amrad engineering is offering a free kit to all HVACR instructors. They want to send out a kit of their products with instructions to schools all over the country to promote their products. The stuff they sent me was fantastic. Here are a couple of pictures of the kit.

To get a kit for your school contact
Mona Tompkins Amrad Engineering

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