Monday, November 24, 2014

Can-Do Versus Can't-Do

Are you a can do person or a can’t do person? Here is a way to find out. When presented with a challenge, do you start by looking for ways to get things done, or are you more focused on why it can’t be done? There are certainly obstacles to accomplishing anything, so identifying those obstacles is important in order to succeed. However, it is easy to focus on the problems so intently that you don’t allow room for any answers. Why should you want to be a can do person? In short, because can do people accomplish things. People who look for solutions persistently generally find them. They are often rewarded financially for consistently accomplishing things. Who do you want working on your behalf – someone with a track record of accomplishments, or someone who can point out all the reasons “it” can’t be done? People who look for obstacles seldom accomplish anything because they manage to convince themselves that “it” can’t be done. They are also rewarded accordingly. 

Another characteristic of a can-do person is the willingness to work beyond the minimum requirement. They will generally not be the first out the door at the end of the day and they take on extra duties or work without a lot of griping. By taking on new challenges, they are able to show their ability to do more than their present position. This can lead to promotions – and yes – financial reward. Can’t-do folks use such phrases as “they don’t pay me enough to…”, or “that is not my job!” They never demonstrate they can handle any more than their present position, so they never advance. I am not going to promote you and pay you more to see if you can do more – you have to demonstrate your ability to do more first. Again, if you need someone to help you, who are you going to ask? 

It is true that good workers are rewarded with more work to do. That is probably why 20% of the people do 80% of the work. That is often seen as a disincentive to work hard. However, these folks are also rewarded with promotions and financial incentives. They grow as a result of taking on more challenges. My father says that some people have 10 years of experience, while others have one year of experience 10 times. Again I ask – which one do you want working for you?  The good news is that having a “can’t do” outlook is not a genetic condition – it can be rectified. You CAN DO IT! 

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