Saturday, May 5, 2012

Free Online HVACR Resources

Often, free advice is not worth what you pay for it. However, the HVACR Industry is full of philanthropists. There are many examples in our industry where people who really know what they are talking about offer help and information to the rest of us in the industry. This information is aimed at professionals in the HVACR industry, not DIY folks. I thought I would share some of the really helpful information I have been fortunate enough to find.

First, TruTech Tools offers a downloadable pdf book on combustion testing “Combustion Analysis of Gas and Oil Appliances”
It is well written and very informative. While you are on their site you might look around – they have lots of the latest high-end HVACR tools. Just browsing their site is somewhat of an educational experience.

Yellow Jacket offers articles and instructional videos on using their tools an instruments at the “Yellow Jacket University”
Of course they are showing you how to use their stuff, but the articles and videos are well done and information with just a bit of add.
On the ACCA site you can download free speedsheets. These speedsheets are excel files designed for using several of their more popular manuals, including J, N, S and D.
Note that these do not replace the manuals. Rather, they are to be used in conjunction with the manuals. I use the Manual J speedsheet  to teach load studies. There is a little bit of a learning curve for the students, but really far less than with the traditional paper spreadsheets.

For a full package, you can download fully functional demos of EliteSoft design software on their web site
Yes, they want to sell you something, but they are willing to let you use it first before you invest. Their software does the heavy lifting for you, and many people find that worth the cost.

And one of my favorite free resources is the NIOSH Safety and Health for Electrical Trades Student Manual available at

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