Saturday, November 12, 2016

Veterans Have the Right Stuff

On this Veteran’s Day I would like to suggest a way that the HVACR Industry can help those who served their country: offer them jobs. Veterans have many characteristics that make them ideal employees.

Veterans are disciplined.
Veterans have developed both self discipline and group discipline – both crucial skills for employment.

Veterans know how to work hard.
Remember, they made it through boot camp and survived years of living conditions most of us would find intolerable, all the while performing their job.

Veterans know how to be a team player.
The armed forces cannot function if everyone is freelancing. Installation is so much easier if you have a good team. Far more efficient than working alone.

Veterans can master technically difficult machinery.
Take a look at the equipment today’s armed forces work with. Much of it is incredibly complex. A veteran is someone who has been in a position where their life depended upon knowing how to operate that machinery.

Today, finding people who are good candidates for employment in the trades can be tough. Veterans already have the traits employers look for in a good employee, and that is a good base to build on. If the industry will reach out to veterans we will also help ourselves.

Here are links for people considering hiring a veteran or for veterans looking for help getting started in HVACR.

Troops to Trades 
Nexstar Legacy

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