Monday, January 13, 2014

Save the Date!

The HVACR & Mechanical Conference this year is March 2 – 5 at the Conference Center at the Maritime Institute in Baltimore Maryland.
You can see the conference sessions by clicking HERE. You can Register HERE.
If you need a way to sell your supervisors on attending, use the letter provided HERE.

The HVACR & Mechanical conference is supported by a who’s who list of industry organizations. Industry professionals are plentiful at this conference. People who are national training or service reps for companies like Danfoss, Tecumseh, or Genteque are there. There are plenty of opportunities to learn beyond the scheduled sessions. It is really pretty hard NOT to learn something while you are in the company of so many industry heavy hitters. Sharing meals with people who love what they do, have years of experience, and represent the best of our industry is awesome. The training sessions are very good as well. I will be speaking 8:30, Monday, March 3 on “Surviving the Paper Chase.” I will give you some ideas on how to manage all the “other stuff” that comes along with teaching.

The conference is free – the 16 conference sponsors underwrite the cost of putting on the conference. Of course, there are still travel and hotel costs. The Rees Foundation is offering scholarships to instructors to help pay the cost of attending. To find out more about the scholarships, go to the Rees Scholarship Foundation site

My advice to anyone fortunate enough to attend this year’s 2014 HVACR & Mechanical Workshop is to find someone who knows something and share a drink, a few laughs, and pick their brains. Go ahead and save the date now: March 2 – 5.
See you there!

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