Saturday, February 5, 2011

Interactive Programable Thermostat Simulators

Have you ever found configuring , programming, or setting a digital thermostat somewhat confusing?  While the new digital do-it-all thermostats are really cool, they can be confusing to set up. If you don’t configure them correctly, you may be unpleasantly surprised at the system operation. Of course you need to read the instructions. These are not for shoot first and read later service cowboys. However, you may not want to be reading the instructions for the first time on the job. Open the box and read the instructions before you arrive to install the thermostat. Most will operate on batteries, they do not have to be wired to be configured and set. Put batteries in and become familiar with the thermostat before arriving on the job. If you already know the system type, you can perform most of the configuration before arriving on the job. If you would like to play with a touch screen thermostat but don’t happen to have one handy, you can often find interactive simulations on line. These let you configure and program the thermostat using the exact same touches, only the touches are mouse clicks. Here are a few to get you started
Honeywell Prestige (downloads a file that you must run)

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