Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hero Convoy

I was in Nashville this past weekend nervously watching the weather reports and trying to determine exactly when I needed to start my six hour trip back home in order to beat the impending winter storm. There was heavy traffic all the way, all manner of cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles. Maybe they were also trying to beat the storm south. Mixed in with the regular traffic were several convoys of cherry pickers from several states. There was a convoy of 30 bucket trucks from a power company in Michigan. I also remember another convoy of trucks from Kentucky. A lot of my pent up concern and worry melted away when I saw these convoys of heroes because I knew good people were positioning themselves to help. While the rest of us were trying to run away from the storm, they were running towards it. What does a hero look like? If you are cold and out of power, the guy in the bucket truck is way better than superman. A hero is someone who leaves the comfort of home and travels to places where the weather is guaranteed to be wretched so they can hang from a pole and play with wires that could have thousands of volts traveling through them. Heroes aren’t super human beings that accomplish awesome tasks easily without effort or suffering. No, heroes are everyday folk who put forth the effort and bear the suffering for the sake of the rest of us. Thank God for the heroes in the bucket trucks!  

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