Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Free RSES Jounal for Students

I truly believe that one of the best career decisions anyone can make is to choose something they love. After all, most of us are going to spend the majority of our conscious lifetimes at work. So if you hate your work, your life will be miserable. By contrast, if you enjoy your work, your life will be more fulfilling and enjoyable. However, young people often have not experienced enough of the world to really know what they will like. Unless they grow up in a family that works in the HVAC/R field, most teenagers really know very little about it. We should be cultivating a love of the HVAC/R field. One way is to expose your students to the wide array of careers in the HVAC/R field through professional journals. I bring in my RSES Journals to school and strategically place them around the class and lab for the students to pick up and read. OK, so maybe I leave them laying around – the effect is that students do read them. They will ask me about articles they read and are interested in. Many students use them as resources in other classes. Students have used RSES Journals for research articles and even for speech class. One student discovered that he could stand up and give an extemporaneous speech on air conditioning anytime based on RSES articles he read. After a few speeches on the refrigeration cycle, scroll compressors, and heat pumps the teacher told him the next speech could not be on air conditioning. She later told me that she never met anyone before who loved his field of study so much. That should be our goal – to instill respect for the craft and pride in learning and practicing it. RSES would like to help us out. They are offering FREE one year subscriptions to HVAC/R students. To get their free subscription they need to go to the RSES website http://www.rses.org/studentjournal.aspx The good folks at RSES did stress that this offer is for students only.

I think getting the RSES Journal for free is a great start at getting a whole new generation of HVAC/R technicians interested in a great organization and a rewarding career. Right after getting all your students signed up for a free RSES Journal subscription, consider thanking RSES by joining JOIN RSES. If you are already a member, thanks!

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  1. Thanks for putting this up Carter! We believe that instilling a sense of purpose and passion in a career is a wonderful thing, especially when it comes to the world of HVACR. If I, or anyone with RSES can be of help to students out there, we'd love to help. Feel free to email me directly at jiwanski@rses.org with any questions!