Saturday, March 20, 2010

One Down - One to Go !

I missed last week’s posting because I was preparing for and attending the National Instructors & Trainers Conference in Las Vegas this past week. I hope you had a chance to go. It was well attended with a total of approximately 470 instructors and trainers! There was no problem finding interesting sessions to attend. In fact, just the opposite – it was really not possible to go to everything you might be interested in. The power point presentations will be up on the HVAC Excellence web site, and many of them are excellent. Many of them can be used in your classes. However, no power point presentation can possibly convey the excitement that Dave Boyd sent through the room when he addressed the general session. You could not attend that session and not get excited about “greening up” the country’s HVAC systems. If you missed it, you have another chance coming up soon. The HVACR & Plumbing Instructor Workshop is coming up March 24 – 26 at the National Conference Center in Landsdowne Virginia. The list of sponsoring organizations reads like a who’s who of industry organizations. There will be many interesting programs and opportunities to network with other HVACR educators. For me these meetings are like a shot of adrenaline. I will be there. Hope to see you!

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