Friday, January 8, 2010

The BIG Showis Almost Here

The AHR Expo is coming up January 25 in Orlando Florida. The AHR Expo is the granddaddy of all air conditioning industry shows. It is co-sponsored by two of the HAVC/R industry heavy hitters: ASHRAE and AHRI. This is truly a world class show with people and companies from all over the globe. My experience has been that it is really impossible to look at all the exhibits in a day because there is so much to see. If you are located anywhere close to Orlando and can find a day to visit the expo, it is well worth your time. Instructors and students can get so much free literature that it will take you hours just to read it all. There are many free seminars every day for discussion of new technologies and products. The AHR Expo is usually where HVAC/R companies roll out their latest and greatest, so it is a perfect place to see where the industry is heading. Perhaps most useful to instructors are the contacts you can make with OEM suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and industry technical gurus of all stripes. Of course the expo will be located in the land of fun and sun, making the overall trip more pleasant. However, you will probably have to wait until after the show to see Mickey because there is just so much to do at the expo. Click on AHR Expo to learn more about the show.

Naturally, when you get home you will be thinking about how to incorporate what you saw in the show into your program. One way is through links to the online literature of HVAC/R companies. A good way to do this is to add links in MyHVACLab at appropriate places in the program. This gives the information some structure and makes it more meaningful than a long list of unrelated hyperlinks. Although on advantage of MyHVACLab is that it is a complete program out of the box, another big advantage is that it is easy to modify to fit your needs. Click on MyHVACLab to learn more about MyHVACLab or Fundamentals of HVAC/R, the AHRI endorsed text that MyHVACLab supports. So pack your sunscreen and head down to the land of fun and sun to see the world’s largest air conditioning show!


  1. Will you be there?

  2. Unfortunately, I will not be able to go. Maybe some of you could go and report back. I would be happy to post an article on impressions of the show from those of you who can make it.